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2018 Audit and Treasurer report

2018 AGM Minutes

2018 AGM Agenda 

2018 AGM Notice

2018 Annual Report

2018 Design Canberra Dashboard

2018 Design Canberra Member Report

Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre Constitution

2019 Craft ACT Artistic Program

2020 Craft ACT Artistic Program


Craft ACT Policies are available upon request

Board of Management Code of Conduct


Conflict of Interest

Grievance and Dispute Resolution 


Social Media

Volunteer Code of Conduct

Work, Health and Safety 

Workplace Behaviour and Misconduct 



2017 Annual Report

2017 Treasurer Report & Financial Statement

2017 AGM Agenda

2017 Design Canberra Dashboard

2016 Design Canberra Dashboard

2016 Audit Completion Package

2016 Annual Report

2015 DESIGN Canberra Report

2015 Annual Report

2014 Annual Report

2013 Annual Report

2012 Annual Report