Polka Luka is an Australian design label creating contemporary resin jewellery and homewares. Focusing on clean lines, organic form, and luminous colour- each item is entirely handmade- resulting in pieces with a unique patina in a range of gorgeous custom mixed colours. Taking design cues from fields as diverse as modernist art and architecture to travels across Asia, Polka Luka also imbues a distinctly Australian style- spirited, bold and vibrant.
Satori Resin Ring
Large Salad Bowl
Wabi Bowl & Spoon
Paradiso Stainless Ring
Margarite Earrings
Basho Bowl
Luna Bowl Small
Belize Earrings
'Constellations' Resin Double Strand Necklace
Eclipse Bangle
'Luna' Short Resin Necklace
Luna Large Resin Serving Plate