Sue Peachey Collection
Sue Peachey Collection
Sue Peachey Collection
Sue Peachey Collection

Sue Peachey Collection

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From the exhibition Nurture.

Year: 2022 


Moonrise Mount Majura: Porcelain Nerikomi Ceramic

Design from patterns to details: Porcelain Nerikomi Ceramic


Moonrise Mount Majura: 15 x  145 diameter

Design From Patterns to Details: 110 x 110 x 180

Artist Statement:

Moonrise Mount Majura: Moonrises and sunrises, usually over mountains, are themes that reoccur time and again in my ceramic work. These rhythms that punctuate our days and months are so regular it is easy to take them for granted, yet the wonder and pleasure of a sunrise or moonrise never ceases to delight. It’s a moment in our lives that begs us to stop, look up and to contemplate the terrifying and exhilarating fact that we are living on a spinning rock hurtling through space.   

Design from Patterns to details:This is the first of a series of ceramic works, each responding creatively to one of the twelve principles of the regenerative earth care system of Permaculture. This piece responds to the principle Design from patterns to details and encourages us to step back so we can observe the patterns in nature and consider the bigger picture.

By mapping the contours of local mountain Majura, we can see the broader landscape and its patterns and, while each mountain is unique, there are universal similarities that govern the structures of all Earth’s mountains regardless of size, age and origin. For example, mountain ridges form large branched structures resembling a tree. The main ridge is the ‘trunk’. Side ridges form off the ‘trunk’, the ‘first order branches’, and from them further side ridges occur ‘second order branches’ and subsequent ones off them again and again. Water drainage pathways on mountains follow a similar dendritic structure.

Available for shipment or collection from 25 October 2022. 

Photos: Tim Bean Photography