Spatial Recall and Fragmented Memory Series | Sabina Moore

Spatial Recall and Fragmented Memory Series | Sabina Moore

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From the exhibition Emerging Contemporaries (Room sheet #??).

Year: 2022

Materials: Bisque Stoneware

Dimensions: Variable

About the Maker: 

Sabina is a sculptor and art educator based in Canberra. With a background in visual arts and museums, Sabina has returned to her love of sculpture after spending many years working in galleries and arts organizations. She is now focusing on her art practice as a sculptor working with clay, inspired by her fascination with the built environment and the emotions and memories conjured by the remnants of urban decay.

Through Sabina's artistic practice she explores the built environment as a physical location where memories can be contained and preserved. Her ceramic sculptures are inspired by fractured buildings and the fragmented memories left behind by both a buildings’ users and those who constructed it.

Sabina's work is hand-built using mostly slab construction. A course textured clay body is left bare or treated with cold finishes to create multiple textured surfaces that speak to the stories and history held within the building footprint.

Available for shipment or collection from 20 March, 2023.

Photos: Tim Bean Photography