Parting Gestures

Parting Gestures

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From the exhibition Collide + Divide.

Year: 2022

Materials: Clay, Timber

Dimensions: Dimensions Variable

About the Makers: 

A collaborative new body of work with Fran Sykes and Sam Gold explores the dichotomous qualities of clay and wood by seeking to create a unifying element in the production processes of furniture making by Sykes and ceramics by Gold.

In response to the exhibition theme “Bodies holding bodies”, artists Gold and Sykes looked at the marks imparted by pressure and movement of one surface against another. Just as the hard wooden surface of a chair stamps an outline into exposed skin, so too can skin make impressions in the soft surface of clay.

Utilising the softness of clay and the solidity of wood as two contrasting materials requires opposing forces to create the same aesthetic: Build clay out into a shape, cut wood away to achieve the same effect.

The Japanese shou sugi ban technique is used to burn, wash and erode wood, mimicking the passing of time to polish finger markings deep into wood and allow this material to impart prints - timber leaving a mark in stone.

The use of fire as a finishing tool for both clay and wood surfaces - gas kiln "fired" ceramic and flame "fired" wood - binds the two distinct practices of furniture making and ceramics together with a common thread.

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Photo: Michael Haines