Llewellyn Hall Staircase Tray

Llewellyn Hall Staircase Tray

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Handcraft marquetry tray featuring Canberra landmark, the ANU School of Music - the outdoor staircase at Llewllyn Hall. Perfect as a display piece, or to hold light items. Limited Edition of 3.

Materials: Timber coated with osmo oil. 

Care Instructions: it is recommended that the tray is kept out of direct sunlight to preserve the colour and structure of the timber. If cleaning is required, please use a lukewarm damp cloth which has been well wrung out, and leave tray in open to dry. The tray has been coated with Osmo Oil which is made from natural ingredients. 

About the MakerChelsea Lemon is a Canberra based designer and maker who works predominately with timber. Lemon aims to create visual, physical, and emotional connections between the user and her work. Many of her pieces include foliage and plant themes, mixed with interactivity and decorative woodworking technique 'parquetry'.