Sophi Suttor Collection
Sophi Suttor Collection

Sophi Suttor Collection

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From the exhibition Nurture.

Year: 2021


Black Dromaius Nougehollandiae: White earthenware with clear glaze

Black Narcissus:Earthenware with clear glaze

Dimensions:  200 diameter

Artist Statement: 

My work examines the loss of habitat and our concept of identity. Replacement by the generic diminishes who we are. I produce fragments of Australiana as a demonstration of how easily we lose the detail and cultural stamp of our personal landscape. I retrieve fleeting images of travelling in the country on endless dirt roads in the heat, passing through small country towns.

I am researching Australiana ceramics that produce uniquely Australian images and prosaic generic images such as historical examples like as Wembly Ware Works are lush to highlight how easily we are seduced by pretty things. I work in earthenware and low fire clear glaze. Works are the dreams we have that transport us. 

I use lots of generic items to highlight how readily we accept the generic. This acceptance erodes national identity and leads to the devaluation of all things native to Australia. The devaluation of the personal process is aided and abetted by globalisation. 

I am a classically trained artist from the National Art School East Sydney. I have a long history of teaching in the secondary and tertiary contexts. I exhibit at the Canberra Potter’s Society and Craft ACT. I am now concentrating on my personal practice. I have a fully equipped workshop so that I can work from home. I have a disability. I am in a wheelchair. I pot every day.


Available for shipment or collection from 25 October 2022.

Photos: Tim Bean Photography