Nicola Knackstredt - Play

Nicola Knackstredt - Play

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From the exhibition Nurture.

Year: 2022

Materials: Fine silver, sterling silver

Dimensions: 350 x 180 x 20

Artist Statement:  

As someone with a part time practice, my ‘making days’ in my studio feel like an indulgent escape from reality: they are the days where I nurture myself through my practice without the intrusion of routine and the pressures of daily life. 

On my studio days, I surrender to the rhythm of making. Nothing I do is dictated by the clock; rather, it is dictated by the nature of the materials I work with. Time is measured by how long it takes to saw something, to solder something, to pickle something, to polish something. I take breaks when my body begins to hurt, or when my blood sugar gets too low to hold the torch or saw blade with accuracy. I stop because I know that if I continue, I may wreck the piece I am working on. Eating and drinking become a necessary inconvenience when I am in the studio. This may sound austere, but for me, my time in the studio is a practice in flow. I am so absorbed in creative self-expression that I forget everything I am conditioned to do when I am outside the studio, including eating.

My studio is a place where I nurture my creativity and playfulness, and it is a place where no idea is a bad idea, because creativity and playfulness are simply an exploration of my self-expression. This piece is just that, another playful idea, another form of self-expression. 



Available for shipment or collection from 25 October 2022.