Michele Grimston - An offering to the productivity gods

Michele Grimston - An offering to the productivity gods

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From the exhibition Nurture.

Year: 2020-2021

Materials: Hand embroidery on cotton, lurex

Dimensions: 1450 x 310

Artist Statement:  

Michele Grimston a visual artist and community cultural development practitioner.  She works primarily with fabric and threads and is interested in the cultural value of processes which are slow, repetitive and honour the value of labour in the creative process.  

Her practice explores how these processes can function as a vehicle for interpersonal connection and personal reflection and the repetitive mark-making acts as a physical trace of the time spent in these reflective and connective practices.

Fundamental to her work is the idea that investing time, attention and care in simple practices creates relationships and objects of great meaning and value, which enrich the fabric of our lives and increase our capacity to care for others and the world.

As the world fundamentally shifted around us in 2020, the pressure to be all things to all people suddenly intensified. Digital tools were instrumental in helping us stay connected, even as they allowed work to encroach on our personal space, ensuring that labour is possible under any circumstance.  

In a lament for a missed opportunity for collective rest during the COVID pandemic, this work celebrates the value of the human and the handmade – by lovingly hand executing a single line program of BASIC code from the 1980s.  This computer program auto-generates an infinite, labyrinthine pattern made up of the keyboard strokes / and \. Recreating this playful but ultimately useless digital request by hand became an active and embodied meditation, and a quiet protest against the unquestioning assumption of digitally enabled productivity amongst collective trauma.

Available for shipment or collection from 25 October 2022.