Judi Elliott - Graffiti on the Wall

Judi Elliott - Graffiti on the Wall

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From the exhibition Nurture.  

Year: 2020

Materials: Fused Bullseye Glass

Dimensions: 610 x 610

Artist Statement: 

I know what shape I am... metaphorically speaking. I am square. I often try to be round, but I am uneasy with it. Round slips away from you easily. Squares are positive and strong. You know where you are with a square. 

I have been working with architecture as my inspiration for many years now. I am focusing on the standing house and wall. I find that each building and wall that one encounters in life, is embedded with the lives of the people who have inhabited them. I try to recreate these feelings in my walls and buildings. My structures can stand alone but gain strength with being grouped.  

Together in two’s, three’s etc. 

I believe that there is no necessity to force change upon one’s work. The joys and sorrows are impacted in the work as we live them and are there for all to see.  


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