Jeremy Brown Collection
Jeremy Brown Collection
Jeremy Brown Collection
Jeremy Brown Collection

Jeremy Brown Collection

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From the exhibition Nurture.

Year: 2022


River oak (casuarina cunninghamiana) stool - river oak (from Canberra street tree)

River oak (casuarina cunninghamiana) watercolour - watercolour on cotton


River oak (casuarina cunninghamiana) stool - 450 x 400 x 540

River oak (casuarina cunninghamiana) watercolour - 530 x 730 x 40

Artist Statement:

These pieces form part of Jeremy Brown’s most recent body of work, Home Grown, celebrating the street trees of Canberra, and allowing appreciation of some of the more hidden aspects of its natural beauty. By combining two main threads of practice, furniture making and botanical illustration, these works create a juxtaposition between the natural and built environments, bridging the disconnect between the origins of raw materials and a final product. The design elements in the timber stool draw inspiration from iconic local architecture and the timber has been salvaged from felled Canberra Street trees. The minimalist aesthetic allows the inherent beauty of the material to take centre stage. Accompanying the stool is a watercolour botanical illustration, representing the living specimen in a way that might be more familiar to the viewer. These paintings are observational, painted from life, and aim to accurately depict the plants as they grow on our streets. In contrast, the design of the furniture is abstracted and shaped by the maker’s hand, taking inspiration from the human made. This contrast between design-by-nature and design-by-human is both a tool for linking raw materials to their final product, and an ode to the harmonious existence of the two elements in Canberra’s own streets.

Available for shipment or collection from 25 October 2022.

Photos: Tim Bean photography and Jeremy Brown