Helen Keogh Collection
Helen Keogh Collection

Helen Keogh Collection

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From the exhibition Nurture.

Year: 2022


Portrait of Professor Elizabeth McMahon - Hand dyed and woven silk and embroidery cotton


Portrait of Professor Elizabeth McMahon - 250 x 150 

Artist Statement:

This is a portrait of Professor Elizabeth McMahon; academic, author, and a guardian of contemporary culture through her work and outreach in Australian literature.  Portraits are traditionally created through paintings, drawings, photography, and more recently the selfie.  This piece uses hand weaving and embroidery in the form of a bookmark to link McMahon’s portrait with her award-winning book, Islands, Identity, and the Literary Imagination. The piece is a reaction to the role of social media, in particular the selfie, in creating a culture that relies on simple, insular images that aim to define who we are.

Solitude uses the age-old and slow hand craft of stitching and thread to create a portrait. The figure of the woman in the image tries to capture the feeling associated with aloneness or solitude which is very much the state the artist was in when creating this piece. In producing this piece, the artist examined the qualities of solitude as part of an artistic practice.

Available for shipment or collection from 25 October 2022.

Photos: Tim Bean Photography