Motley Vase #1-#3 | Courtney Hogan

Motley Vase #1-#3 | Courtney Hogan

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From the exhibition Daisy Chain (Room sheet #11-13)

Year: 2022

Materials: Blown Glass

Dimensions: Dimensions variable

About the Maker: 

Calum has grown up within a family of glass arLsts and has worked in and around a glass studio since he was 17. The studio is open to the public 7 days a week so has good experience working in front of crowds and with many different arLsts. Calum has also traveled around taking numrous workshops with different arLsts when possible. Among the last 6 years of working as a glass blower he has taken Lme of to travel the world snowboarding in numerous places, a true passion of his. Pre covid Calum was working at Monmouth studio in Auckland new Zealand but had to return to Australia before the borders shut and has been working out of the family studio on the Mornington peninsula an hour south east of Melbourne, Victoria ever since.

Available for shipment or collection from 20 March, 2023.

Photos: Melvin Josy