Caravana Short Resin Necklace

Caravana Short Resin Necklace

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Material: Resin on cotton cord.

Size: Length: 56cm (Full length), drop 28cm.

Fun and a little zany this necklace is perfect for those that like bold necklaces, but prefer them shorter- worn under a collar or over a boat neck T.

Design & Production
All Polka Luka products are made by hand. Master shapes  are made from clay or plasticine; moulds for all beads, bangles, and rings are then hand cast using this masters. Once we have the moulds, we hand mix the colour-dyes, resin and catalystand hand-pour the resin into the mould. The catalyst causes the resin to harden (cure). Once cured, the piece is then taken out of the mould, then bevelled, sanded, polished, and, for necklaces, strung by hand.

As all our products are handmade, you may therefore see some small individual variation in shape and sometimes colour of the pieces. Designed in Australia and hand made in our small work shop in Bali, Indonesia.

Resin Care
Resin is a strong material, however, can be fragile against hard surfaces, such as concrete, slate, steel, and wood. Please be careful not to knock or drop your Polka Luka piece against these surfaces.

Resin can sometimes appear dry on the surface- you can restore/maintain sheen on a longer term basis by rubbing a few drops of any kind of oil or moisturiser every now and then.If your resin piece becomes dirty (i.e white resin pieces), simply wash with jif or dishwash. So easy!