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‘Bipolar’ is a fusion of individually sourced pieces exploring the juxtaposition between climate change and deep emotional relationships.

The work churns with arctic elements of cold, survival, and mortal peril. The emotional connection between mother and child elicits conflicting responses between the impending disaster of climate change, the natural instincts surrounding family and the dichotomy of concern for polar bears: a species that is dangerous to humans and that has been doomed to eradication by climate change. 

All pieces are slip cast in white earthenware with mid-fire and low temperature glazes usually found in low art and commercial glazes. Such glazes are rarely found in galleries or fine art works.  The blue glaze is known as a crawling glaze, exploiting a well-known glaze fault to a desired and sought-after effect. 

‘Bipolar’ continues themes in Sophi’s work on the environment, layering historical themes and re-purposing of historical ceramics. 

Materials: slip cast earthenware and glaze

Dimensions: 12.7 x 29.2 x 24 cm

Meet the Maker: Sophi Suttor's work examines the loss of habitat and its replacement by the generic she is looking at specimens through the filter of the work of Rohan Ellis. Producing fragments of the generic as a demonstration of how easily we lose the detail and cultural stamp of our personal landscape

Works are childlike and toy like to highlight how easily we are seduced by pretty things. Using lots of generic flowers and toy like items to highlight how readily we accept the generic. This acceptance erodes national identity and leads to devaluation of all things native to Australia this process is aided and abetted by globalisation.