Associate Membership (AM)

  • Associate Membership (AM)


Associate Membership (AM)


3. Before you apply

Before applying for the membership level read the information on the application, insurance and benefits below:

Associate membership is for emerging and established professional craft practitioners and designers. This membership tier includes Public Liability  and Personal Accident Insurance for your professional practice, exhibitions, markets or pop up events.

Please do not pay for this membership until you have been notified by Craft ACT of your successful application.

Please proceed to step 5 renew your Associate Membership.

Not what you're looking for? Find our other membership levels here.

4. Apply

Have you read all the information above? Apply here


5. After application

If you are not already an AM please make sure you have submitted your application and received confirmation of your membership before you make your purchase.

When 'purchasing' this membership you can use the Instructions (optional) box to give us your website and social media details as we would love to see what you're up to!