Alison Jackson - Two Vessels Converse

Alison Jackson - Two Vessels Converse

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From the exhibition 2022 Robert Foster F!NK National Metal Prize 

Year: 2022

Materials: hand raised copper, patination


Larger Vessel - 110 x 110 mm

Smaller Vessel- 75 x 70 mm

About the Maker: 

The vessel as a concept can be viewed with many perspectives both in a literal practical sense and as an imagined form of containment. I like to use the idea of the vessel to explore form, function, anthropism but primarily the craft of silversmithing.

Raising is the process of forming vessels from a single sheet of copper, an age old traditional silversmithing technique where the sheet metal is skilfully hammered in rounds on specialised steel forms. What can seem like a simple process with rudimentary tools is in fact a nuanced and skilled technique that is a dying craft. Each vessel has had thousands of hammer strikes applied to manipulate what was once a uniform flat sheet into a three-dimensional vessel form.

My process is a conversation between materials, ideas and forms. It is often one of repetition, heat, hammer, heat, hammer. Heated to soften and hammered to form. It is both rhythmic and mediative, my technique is about allowing the vessel to emerge rather than having a rigid idea of the final form. I think of it as the vessel emerging out of the material and out my thoughts, emotions and instinct. Each hammer blow moves it closer to a resolved form but also an individuality, it asserts itself and I start to think of them as characters. I often make pieces in pairs; this is because once the vessel leaves my hands the conversation between maker and vessel stops and a new dialog between the two vessels can begin.

Available for shipment or collection from 11 December 2022.

Photos: Tim Bean