'6' Claystone Oyster Plate
'6' Claystone Oyster Plate
'6' Claystone Oyster Plate

'6' Claystone Oyster Plate

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These unique 6 Oyster Plate is ideal for serving Australia's favourite shellfish delicacy.

The plate holds 6 oysters and has a central mussel shaped contour for lemon or dipping sauce.

Made from high quality porcelain, the plate is lightweight, stackable and easily cleaned in the dishwasher. Weighing less than one kilogram, it is ideal as a gift for visitors to Australia.

Freshly shucked and left in their shells, grilled (Kilpatrick) or marinated oysters are all possible with this cleverly crafted form. The recessed shapes are also large enough to contain ice or rock salt depending on your serving requirements.

Designed and Handmade by Christopher Plumridge

Available in Black Crystal Matte + White Pearl

Self prepared CSIRO Porcelain (Black Plate)

Walker's AB10 Porcelain (White Plate