Terra Celestial: 2019 artist-In-Residence exhibition 

26 March - 9 May 2020

Megan Watson | Michelle Hallinan | Sean Booth | Sabine Pagan | Rohan Nicol

2019 Craft ACT artists-in-residence Megan Watson, Michelle Hallinan, Sean Booth, Sabine Pagan and Rohan Nicol present an exhibition of jewellery, objects and paper sculptures. This beautiful new work celebrates the moon landing and was made during a residency at Gudgenby Ready-Cut Cottage in Namadgi National Park and research at Mount Stromlo Observatory. 

The Craft ACT artist-in-residence program facilitates access for the artist to national cultural, tertiary and research institutions and their collections, curators and researchers. A group exhibition of new work by each artist is held annually, and a catalogue produced.

Presented in partnership with ACT Parks and Conservation Service and Mount Stromlo Observatory.

Orbit Pendant
Under Pressure
Aurora Pin
Luna Loop 1
Luna Loop 2
Gudgenauts Bento Tray and Blunt Stix 1
Gudgenauts Bento Tray and Blunt Stix 2
Terra Celestial: 2019 artist-in-residence catalogue
Tale of the tape #10
Earthspace (Map book)
Near real time (reel book)
Out, Through, and Beyond
As we were, As we are, As we want to be (light box) - Set
Remains, Terra, Celestial (Dish) - Set
Celestial (Dish)
Terra (Dish)
Remains (Dish)
As we want to be (light box)
As we are (light box)
As we were (light box)
Chasing eagles #2
Chasing eagles #1
Tale of the tape #9