Emerging Contemporaries

Purchase the works from Emerging Contemporaries. On display Level 1, Monaro Mall in the Canberra Centre from 9-29 November as part of the DESIGN Canberra festivalDon't see the work here? Some of the works in the Emerging Contemporaries exhibition are part of the DESIGN Canberra online auction, click here for more details.

Rosie Armstrong | Angela Coleman | Henrietta Farrelly-Barnett | Abbey Jamieson | Jenni Kemarre Martiniello | Daniel Leone | Bethany Lick | Cam Michael | Kristina Neumann | Annie Parnell | Samuel Radoll | George Shvili | Beverly Smith

Emerging Contemporaries is the Craft ACT National Award Exhibition for early-career artists. This exhibition plays a pivotal role in supporting and transitioning artists into professional practice and placing Australian artists in view of the national cultural collecting institutions, business and industry, and audience.

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