2023 Craft ACT Artist-in-Residence Program

Call out for the 2023 Craft ACT Artist-in-Residence Program is now open!

Applications open from Tuesday 26 April 2022 to Thursday 2 June 2022 

Craft ACT: Craft + Design Centre and ACT Parks & Conservation Service are pleased to present our acclaimed artist residency once again for contemporary craft practitioners and designers.

For 16 years, this residency has been a unique opportunity to research a nationally significant collection, spend time in the beautiful Namadgi National Park, and prepare new work for an exhibition a year later in the Craft ACT gallery.

Since 2006, artists have found that their practice is profoundly altered by the experience of this residency which allows time and space for investigation, reflection, and generation of new work.

Applications are now open for artists to participate in the 2023 program, which is presented in partnership with the National Portrait Gallery.

There are exciting opportunities that the collection at the National Portrait Gallery can provide to make this program rich and rewarding. With their extensive collection, our artist residency will bring faces to places!

This year’s theme is SOUTHFACING:

Southfacing at the National Portrait Gallery is a representation of the Southern Hemisphere. Faces and impressions emerge in everyday life. From humans to mountains, faces are an integral part of our everyday experience. This residency will bring artists into the Southfacing perspective: one that brings us all closer to each other as well as finding our role in the natural world. 

To apply please click the link HERE

Image1-L/R Mel Robson and Bev Hogg, Artist Research at NLA Photo: 5 Foot Photography
Image 2: Mel Robson, Artist Research at NLA Photo: 5 Foot Photography