Associate Member

Zoe’s work explores the concept of liminality by creating objects that employ contrasting materials, surfaces and forms. She works between textiles and ceramics, the singular and the multiple, aiming for her work to sit in transitional zones. Using the qualities of porcelain – strength and fragility – and textiles – structure and fluidity, she makes hand crafted sculptural objects that question easy binaries such as art/craft.

Zoe’s work explores states of transformation, engaging with both animal and human form, the garment and the object, hard and soft, occupying the borderlines of all these things, while committing to none.

Alongside these conceptual explorations she has developed an evolving range of porcelain jewellery. Selling under the brand name of ZBYZOE, these ceramics forms evolve as her art practice develop, either as an extension of a current body of work or in complete contrast to it.

The Pelt of the Fox God, 2015. Porcelain and synthetic gauze. Photogrpahy by Andrew Sikorski.