Sue Gascoigne

Mixed media

Associate Member

Sue Gascoigne is a mixed media artist exploring design concepts, painting, slip cast ceramics, sculpture and silversmithing. Her work is multi-faceted and often multi-layered, connecting various objects/materials that cross her path which allude to her experiential approach. Through her practice, and, as a Visual Arts Educator, Sue is passionate about trying to encourage people to view art differently, to utilise their personal experiences as a key to viewing works of art, to widen their art experience, and, to always question the artist’s intentions. Sue’s work is imbued with whimsy, irony and metaphor. It is a Celebration of Life often exuding colour and always energy.

 Instagram @sue_gascoigne

'Totem I, II and III' 2005, Photo: John Gascoigne

Totem I, II and III, 2005.  Ceramic and painted mild steel. Photo: John Gascoigne