Shen-Ju Hsieh

Associate Member

Shen-Ju Hsieh is a Canberra based emerging Taiwanese ceramic artist who combines functional everyday things and sculpture in ceramics.

Shen-Ju completed a BFA in craft and design, majoring in ceramics at the National Taiwan University of Art. She is currently completing the Master of Contemporary Practices in Art and Design in ceramics at the Australian National University.

Shen-Ju has concentrated on exploring wheel throwing and hand extruding techniques in ceramics, she utilizes the clay’s materiality to express emotions, creating functional sculpture as a metaphor for the relationship between humans and the environment.

Online Resources:

Instagram: @juju_ceramics

Above image: People and Garden, 2021. Ceramics, 84x40x12 cm. Photo by Shen-Ju Hsieh
Cover image: Haven, 2021. Ceramics, 30x30x15 cm. Photo by Shen-Ju Hsieh