Rachael Harris

Glass, Mixed Media

Associate Member 

Rachael Harris is a glass and mixed media artist with a background in macro photography, which she often uses to inform her glassmaking, infusing her forms with the details, soft tones or colours found in nature.

The joy and wonder Rachael experiences in discovery processes has been a main driver in her work; from noticing the macro details of a leaf to the liquid movement in hot glass. She has a light-hearted approach to material investigation, embracing mistakes as integral processes in making. Imagination and child-like curiosity underpin her work as she asks us to look deeper, getting closer to the materials and moments around us.

Above image: Vortex, 2017, blown and slumped glass with Lightbox, 27x27x7cm, photographed by artist

Cover image: Cane vase, 2017, blown glass, roughly 9x16cm, photographed by artist