Kensuke Todo


Accredited Professional Member

Kensuke Todo first came to Australia as part of a student exchange program with his university – Kyoto Seika University – and the School of Art at the Australian National University in Canberra in 1999. He returned in 2002, completing a MA (Visual Arts) in Sculpture in 2004, and has remained in Canberra ever since.

His adopted city has embraced him and his work, with the Canberra critics circle and the City News magazine naming Todo the 2014 Canberra artist of the year. Examples of his work are seen through the city in places as diverse as the ACT Legislative Assembly and the Commonwealth Club, and he has exhibited in a similarly eclectic range of spaces including Canberra’s Drill Hall Gallery, Sydney’s King St Gallery and the Cowra Regional Art Gallery to name a few.

Todo finds that his physical dislocation from home and from his history provides the perspective to create, and to view his place in the world with a fresh set of eyes.

Todo’s work uses steel to examine the strangeness of possessing a human body in an industrialised landscape. The rectangles, and the variations imposed upon them, form a discussion of what it means to be alive in the cities we have constructed. His work plays with the idea of the hard object against an intimate, soft form – a way to reflect this intrigue between the softness of the body and the hardness of this mechanised world we have created and inhabit.

Above image: Kensuke Todo, Landings, 2008, mild steel, 90 x 309 x 198 cm. Photo: Stuart Hay 

Cover image: Kensuke Todo, Apex, 2008, mild steel, 105 x 77.6 x 37 cm. Collection of Canberra Museum and Gallery.