Kanun Onsel

Kanun Onsel is a South Coast based Artistic Furniture Designer/Maker who has developed his own unique style combining the modern and traditional way of working with exotic timbers and mix media.

Being inspired with a combination of textures, colours and influence of geometrical structures and shapes, his designs are unlimited!

His passion is endless for his work with quality and fine craftmanship creating unique and original pieces which represents his artistic way of working, to finishing his work with many view points and illusions which leaves the eye to give its own interpretations.


Angular Coffee Table (Exhibition 2020) mix media, glass and veneer H300mm L1090mm W930mm Photographer Alex Sturman

Image: Angular Coffee Table, 2020, mix media, glass and veneer. Photo: Alex Sturman
Cover image: Uniting Vases, 2019, mix media timber base. Photo: Alex Sturman