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Kael Stasce completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts Honours degree at the Australian National University in 2014. The aim of his practice is to explore the relationship between visual perception and physical experience when viewing works of art. 

Concerned with the ways in which we view and understand space, Stasce’s work focuses on the transformation of material through paint, perspective and time. The objects used to construct the work range from sheet metal, bike frames, wire, road signs, pictured bicycle tubes, venetian blinds and discarded or found components. By installing the work on the floors and walls, he can actively involve the gallery as a formal element to the composition. Windows, shadows and abnormalities become the inspiration, influencing and mimicking the artworks construction. Combining two and three dimensional elements allows the work to extend or restrict the experience of space, creating a composition that produces bold and dynamic shifts both physically and as an illusion.



Image credits: (top) Kael Stasce, Wired, 2017. Wire, acrylic paint, graphite pencil. 
(bottom) Kael Stasce, Circumference, 2016. Steel, bitumen, acrylic paint. 
Feature image: Kael Stasce, A to C, 2017. Steel, oil paint.