Jonathan Everett


Accredited Professional Member

Coming from a carpentry background, Jonathan was able to refine his skills and develop a passion for excellence in design and making under the mentorship of master woodworker George Ingham at the Furniture program at the Australian National University School of Art in 1992. Jonathan has developed an enormously broad professional career in design and making through engagement in a myriad of roles, projects and opportunities. He managed a dynamic design and fabrication business Trout and was the architectural manager of new Parliament House. Jonathan has exhibits his artwork, undertaken residencies nationally and internationally as well as receiving development grants and lecturing at universities.

Through his 21 years as a professional, Jonathan has continued to develop his career as artist, designer and fabricator and has become widely respected throughout the creative industries as a thinker, facilitator and fine craftsman. Jonathan is currently an independent consultant for design, exhibition and fabrication projects.


Supernova Science Centre, close up of interactive module. One of 43 interactives designed and fabricated for the Newcastle Museum. This module is "Pic a Cone" which demonstrated the importance of an opposing thumb.
Reconstituted stone, steel, polycarbonate, electronics
Image Courtesy of the Artist