Jeremy Lepisto


Accredited Professional Member

Lepisto received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Alfred University (in Alfred, New York USA) in 1997. He majored in Glass and Metals (with minors in Art History and Art Education).

After graduating, he made his way to Portland (Oregon, USA) and was hired to be the Production Manager Apprentice at the Bullseye Glass Company. This role allowed him to work in every facet of the Bullseye factory’s glass production areas as well as with any visiting artists who came to work at the factory. In addition, he was also engaged to teach classes and research new glass chemistries and processes. This experience formed the basis of his glass kilnforming knowledge and in 2001 he left Bullseye and started an independent studio with Mel George.

Studio Ramp LLC, was a custom glass kilnforming fabrication studio that translated artists and architects designs into glass from concept to completion. The studio typically worked on 8-12 client projects at a time over their eight-year history. The studio was also a place where artists made their own artwork as well as a stable platform from which they could engage with the wider creative community. For Lepisto this included exhibiting his work and lecturing internationally as well as serving on the Board of Directors for the Glass Art Society for over 7 years (with one year as Vice President and two years as their President).

After re-locating to Canberra, Lepisto and George established their independent glass studio, Workshop Level in Queanbeyan. With this facility, Lepisto is again making kilnformed works for other people as well as working on a body of practice led research for a PhD degree in Sculpture from the Australian National University.

Kiln-formed Glass
Image: Rob Little