Janet Meaney

Mixed Media
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Janet Meaney is a performance artist with a background in sculpture.

A keen researcher, Meaney has a BFA Sculpture (CCS Detroit USA), a Grad. Dip. Art History/Curatorship (ANU) and a PhD Performance Art (ANU). Supported by numerous grants, scholarships and residencies, Meaney has lived, travelled and exhibited widely throughout the USA, Europe Asia and Australia all manifested in her multifaceted socio-political commentaries on contemporary life.

The intent of these works is to raise awareness, to spark debate and ultimately to affect change. A return to ‘making’ and Meaney’s new focus on the ancient in art is poised.

Online content

Website: janetmeaney.wix.com/performance

Cover image: Age Old Story, 2017 performance, various. Photo: Brenton McGeachie
Top image: Anemones, 2021, Linen and cotton thread, 60mmx30mm average. Photo: Janet Meaney