Fiona Glover


Associate Member 

Fiona Glover has a lifelong interest in woodcraft and design, and was drawn to spoon carving due to its gentle and meditative process. She initially learnt traditional techniques in greenwood carving and has since developed her practice to also work with seasoned hardwoods that are either recycled, or offcuts from furniture making that would otherwise go to waste. Fiona shares her love of spoon carving by teaching workshops in Canberra and Sydney.

Fiona’s hand carved woodenware is sold under the label Twig to Table at selected outlets in Canberra including the National Gallery of Australia Shop, the National Library of Australia Bookshop, the Canberra Glasssworks and Craft ACT. Fiona is a student of the Furniture studio at the ANU School of Art and Design.

Above images: Happy pills. 2019. Recycled Oregon, Australian white beech, oil paint, leather.135mm x 34mm each. Photograph: Fiona Glover.

Partial eclipse salad servers. 2017. Walnut. Aprox. 280mm each. Photograph: Fiona Glover.

Footed bowl. 2016. Blackheart sassafras. 100mm diameter. Photograph: Fiona Glover.
Chrysalis (You’ve changed). 2019. Recycled Tasmanian blackwood, electrical cord. 270mm x 200mm. Photograph: Fiona Glover.
Cover image: Hand carved collection. 2018. Tasmanian blackwood, Tasmanian myrtle, Queensland silky oak, Tasmanian Huon pine, rock maple, walnut. Various dimensions. Photograph: Fiona Glover.