Marilou Chagnaud


Accredited Professional Member 

Marilou Chagnaud is a French artist based in Canberra.

Approaching paper with an eye to its sculptural possibilities, she explores the deployment of printed patterns into spatial installations, objects and sculptures, questioning the path from two- to three-dimensional space as well as notions of perception, repetition and movement.

Chagnaud was awarded a Master of Visual Arts from the Superior Art School, Aix-en-Provence and an advanced diploma in textile design in Montreal, Canada. Her work has been shown internationally, including solo exhibitions in France and Australia.

above image: Marilou Chagnaud, Papiers Flottants ( detail), 2017. Paper, Tasmanian Oak, screenprint, 300 x 180 x 185cm Photo: courtesy of the artist
featured image: Marilou Chagnaud, Object 2, 2017. Paper, wood, screenprint, 70 x 50cm. Photo: Leann Timms