Bethany Lick


Associate Member 

Bethany is a Canberra based emerging artist working primarily with glass. Her pieces provoke curiosity and stimulate interaction; themes of weightlessness, narrative and movement inspire her She enjoys crafting useful objects, while conceptual investigations create space for experiment and play.

Since moving to Canberra to study glass at the Australian National University in 2017, Bethany has assisted glass artists in the local community and was part of the graduate exhibition of 2019. She looks forward to being graduate artist in residence at the Canberra Glassworks, September 2020.

Cover image: Earth (19.5 x 11.4cm), Living (15 x 9cm), Dreams (23.5 x 10.5cm), 2019, blown glass. Image credit B.Lick.
Above image: Interlock (8 x 10cm) 2018. Cast and cold worked glass. Image credit B.Lick