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Originally from Colombia, Andres Caycedo has travelled Australia for the past two decades developing his artistic practice. Three years ago he moved to Canberra to begin his Bachelor of Design Arts, majoring in ceramics at the School of Art at the Australian National University.
Caycedo comes from a rich artistic background. He completed a visual arts degree in the 1990s, and has practiced in a diverse range of mediums, including painting and sculpture. He first encountered ceramics as part of an elective subject in his degree, where he was mesmerised by the processes involved in working clay. This encounter never left the back of his mind, and ten years later he returned to investigate further. He completed short courses and joined ceramic clubs before completing a diploma and starting at the ANU School of Art in the Ceramics Workshop, where he completed his undergraduate degree in 2016.

Crystal Dynamics, 2016, Castable Ceramics, Midfire,each object 30 x 30 x 15
Photographer: Hannah Axelsen