Associate Member

Alice Leda Pettirosso designs and crafts garments using her own designs in machine-knitted fabric enhanced with hand crochet, applique and hand-dyeing.

Her exploration of textiles has concentrated mainly on the use of natural fibres such as wool, cotton, linen, silk, bamboo and alpaca, but has recently led her to the utilisation of other materials such as metals, wire and recycled objects. 


(top) Alice Pettirosso, Soft Felt Jacket, 2014. Merino wool knit felted and hand-dyed. Photographer Brett Smith.
(middle) Alice Pettirosso, Wrap, Knitted Mesh Top and Bleached Pants, 2002. Machine Knit and Overlocking. Photographer: John Mcrae.
(bottom) Alice Pettirosso, Wall Panels, 2018. Metals on timber. 
Feature image: Alice Pettirosso, Gossamer Scarf, 1996. Machine knit, hand-dyed.