11 July – 31 August 2019

Bic Tieu | Guy Keulemans | Julie Bartholomew | Kyoko Hashimoto | Liam Mugavin | Rui Kikuchi | Yusuke Takemura

This group exhibition of contemporary design practice considers the changing nature of materiality in Japanese object-making culture. Through the work of experimental Japanese and Australian designers, Shifts in Japanese Materiality highlights the porosity of Japanese design and craft processes in a contemporary context.


Image: Rui Kikuchi, PET Series, 2015, Recycled PET Bottles and Silver, Photo: Supplied by artist

Image: Julie Bartholomew, Coca Cola Koppori, 2018, Clay, Photo: Supplied by artist

Cover Image: Yusuke Takemura, Heredity, 2012, Glass, Photo: Supplied by artist