19 May - 2 July 2022

Rebecca Selleck | James Tylor

Inhabiting is a collaborative project by Canberra-based artist Rebecca Selleck and Australian multi-disciplinary contemporary visual artist James Tylor.

“As a new family, we trace our way through shifting realities, seeking a sense of place within the Australian landscape as our private scenes play out against a backdrop of ecological crises and political uncertainty.

Through this series of domestic furniture and their accompanying photographs, we intertwine our contemporary family experience with Australia’s cultural and environmental history.

Drawing on our family’s intercultural heritage, the work seeks to highlight the balance our Aboriginal ancestors had with Country, the harsh impact of British colonial rule and the influence of new immigrant families.”

Above image: Rebecca Selleck + James Tylor, Inhabiting, 2021. Photo: courtesy of the artists
Cover image: Rebecca Selleck + James Tylor, Invasive, 2021. Photo: courtesy of the artists