6 July - 26 August 2023

Curators | Sharon Peoples + Carol Cooke

Artists | Leonie Andrews | Nichole O’Loughlan | Robby Wright | Nicole Kemp | Dijanna Cevaal | Philomena Hali | Suzie Vickery | Belinda Jessup | Carol Cooke | Liz Payne | Cathy Jack Coupland | Carolyn Sullivan | Wilma Simmons | Sharon Peoples | Makeda Duong | Naomi Zouwer | Liam Benson | Amy Jones | Di Ellis

Sixteen contemporary Australian craft practitioners, designers and artists examine the concept of exuberance through colour, materiality and politics through hand stitch. Objects and wall pieces will reflect the current urge of re-engagement with nature and the politics. We are using stitch as a metaphor of repair, care and protection that is required for the environment, often reflecting the ability of plant life to proliferate in weird and wonderful ways when given the opportunities. In psychology, exuberance denotes child-like displays of lack of inhibition, and this comes through many of the artists working on this project.

Image: Liam Benson, You Already Know - Echo, 2021-22. Photo: Courtesy of the artist.