27 August - 17 October 2020

Kasia Tons

A solo exhibition of textiles and photography, named in reference to E.M Forster’s 1909 novella The Machine Stops. Forster describes a futuristic society not dis-similar to the digi-tech-centric world we currently live in and what happens to the inhabitants when the machine that sustains their daily life stops.

This exhibition will explore that time; after technology has thrived and died leaving, in its wake a hole in the human to be filled with forms of creative entertainment and expression reminiscent of times gone past.

Kasia Tons is an emerging artist, currently living in Adelaide. Textiles are her primary medium with which she creates soft sculptures, 2D works, and wearables that explore personal narratives with universal themes such as home, identity, constructive chaos, and interpersonal relationships.

Utilising found and hoarded materials her colour palette is opportunistic, but generally bright. She forms her work in an energetic and time-rich way utilising hand stitch techniques such as applique, embroidery and beading, creating pieces with a theme in mind, led by the materials rather than a tightly designed plan of a final outcome.

Influences on her work are the animations of Kristen Lapore, the psychology of masks, costume and disguise throughout the ages, millennial navel-gazing and the work of textile artists Anthony Stevens and Judith Scott. She is also heavily influenced by daily life, science fiction, her lived environment, optimism and trust.

Image: Kasia Tons. Photo: Dave Laslett.