Type of applications

  • The call out attracted a very high number of applications
  • There were twice as many applications for solo exhibitions as group exhibitions
  • Applications came from local, interstate and international craft and design makers
  • Applications covered a range of craft and design media – textiles, metal, glass, wood, ceramic and fashion


Applicants are encouraged to

  • Collaborate with craft artists and designers to develop carefully curated group exhibitions
  • Familiarise themselves with the gallery space and exhibition structure at Craft ACT


Successful solo exhibitions

  • Exceptional quality of work
  • Have a clear and carefully conceived message or narrative, demonstrated through well-structured and written proposal
  • Mark a significant moment in an craft artist or designer’s career
  • Link with broader events
  • Offer scope to attract funding, e.g. for exhibition catalogue
  • Whilst new work is encouraged, clear examples of indicative work is essential


Successful group exhibitions

  • Well curated – conceptually and spatially
  • Considered selection of artists and work
  • Have thought about and answered questions around why this group of artists, why Craft ACT and why 2018.
  • Demonstrated high quality work
  • Clearly written proposal