11 July – 31 August 2019

Solo exhibition by Al Munro* which draws from her recent body of work. The exhibition consists of five pairs of dresses sewn from digitally printed fabrics and paintings. The process by which these pairs of works were produced involved translating textile patterns into painted forms, translating and manipulating these via the conventions of repeat fabric design to create digitally printed textiles/paintings, and then translating back to traditional painted form.

Pattern Translation continues Munro's interest in translating and distorting mathematical patterns to explore relationships between textile patterning and painted abstraction and begins a new focus on the aberrations and slippages that can occur as a pattern, like a spoken message, is translated from one ‘language’ to another. 

Exhibition opening: Thursday July 11, 6pm.

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Image: Al Munro, Pattern Translation, sample works in progress, 2019, painting and fabirc. Photo: Supplied by artist 
Cover Image: Al Munro, Pattern Translation, sample works in progress, 2019, painting and fabirc. Photo: Supplied by artist 


*Al Munro is represented in Australia by May Space, Sydney