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Itzell Tazzyman

Itzell Tazzyman
Artist's statement

When I was child I wanted to grow up and be a fireman. As I got older this dream changed into becoming an artist. I've become a sculptor who works with glass as an expressive material, thus satisfying my childhood love of fire and imagination.

Every material has a story. Glass is an ancient chameleon, carrying forth its story from the beginnings to the present, contributing to human endeavours perhaps more than any other material. This is what interests me about glass and why I craft it. So what are the strands that make up this story?

Glass, it's been the makeup bottle of Egyptian Pharaohs; the clear crystal goblet of Europe's royal courts; Galileo Galilei's telescope brought Jupiter's moons into view and changed our perceptions of the earth and solar system; scientific fields emerge and thrive with glass including optics, medicine, physics, astronomy, chemistry, and photography; its the mirror that allowed us to see our own face; the window pain that brings sunlight into our homes. Glass is the humble light bulb, the cathode ray tube, the monitor screen and the fibre optic cable.

Glass is all around us. Our own story of creativity is intertwined. I'm interested in the points of intersections, where our own human story, our humanity, consciousness, mortality, perceptions and spirit, junction with glass. In turn my practice consists of crafted objects, sculptures and installations that are singular incorporating glass as poetic expression.

Portrait Photos: Angie McDuff

Recent work
Water Fall
  • Water Fall, 2008
  • Blown glass, carved, wheel engraved and polished
  • Photo: Rob Little
Night Ribon
  • Night Ribon, 2008
  • Blown glass, carved, wheel engraved and polished
  • Photo: Rob Little
Revealing Our First Nature (Trancendence)
  • Revealing Our First Nature (Trancendence), 2007
  • Production chair, glue, metal, glass and air
  • Dimensions: H 950 x D 430 x W 400mm
  • Photo: Rob Little
El Mar Adentro (The Sea Inside
  • El Mar Adentro (The Sea Inside, 2006
  • Blown glass, carved, wheel engraved and polished
  • Dimensions: H 300 x D 400 mm
  • Photo: Rob Little

Around the earths imagined corners
  • Around the earths imagined corners, 2006
  • Glass bubble is 540mm in diameter hand blown, hand carved and polished, 32mm manila rope coiled. Glass blank made by Stephen Procter
  • Photo: Rob Little
Absence binds us like a blind women's shadow
  • Absence binds us like a blind women's shadow, 2005
  • Blown glass, carved, wheel engraved and polished, plantation pine wood and wood finish
  • Dimensions: H 1750 x W1300 x L 2800mm
  • Photo: Rob Little

I am a migrant to Australia arriving with my family in the mid 1980's from Chile. I am based in Canberra making my work in a cooperative studio that I share with three other artists. Here I sculpt and write. I have been teaching for some years in the Glass Workshop, at the Australian National University School of Art, where I myself was a student with artists Klaus Moje and Stephen Procter. Teaching is a pivotal part of my art practice, it challenges me and hones my thinking, and I appreciate the collaboration with students and other artists. I have recently begun teaching in other glass programs in the USA and the UK.

Selected exhibitions
2007:   A Little Drop of Kindness, Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre - Canberra
2006:   2 Materials, Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre - Canberra
2006:   Vanity Fair, Kamberra Wine Centre - Canberra
2006:   Seed of Light, Australian National University School of Art Gallery - Canberra
2006:   Contemporary Glass: Momentum, Goulburn Regional Gallery - Goulburn, NSW
2006:   Instore (24:7 public art program), Sunglass Spectacular, Woden Plaza - Canberra
2006:   Dialogue - Stephen Proctor and Friends, Quadrivium Gallery - Sydney
2006:   Artist of the Creative Glass Centre of America, Gallery of American Craft - New Jersey, USA
Selected commissions/awards/grants
2008:   2008 ACT Winston Churchill Memory Trust Fellow
Selected publications
2008:   New Glass Review 29, Corning Museum of Glass, Corning NY, p. 57
2006:   New Glass Review 27, Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, NY, p. 58
2006:   C. Vignando, Instored, looking though the shop glass, 24:7 Art in Canberra's public places in the year of the built environment Catalogue
1998:   F. Rendell-Short, Extraordinary Talent - Portrait of Canberra Artists, Capital Fine Print, p. 26
1997:   N. Anderson, On the Horizon, Urban Glass Quarterly Australia, #68
1996:   N. Ioannou, Australian Studio Glass, The Movement, Its Makers and their Art, Craftsman House
1995:   N. Ioannou, Sketch of a residency, OZ Art, issue 10, pp. 104-107


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