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Joy McDonald

Joy McDonald
Artist's statement

My works are visual interpretations of many and varied subjects and places explored through the senses. They are a physical device to create colour pathways and employ principles of physiological and cognitive illusion, by way of synaethesia.

Imagery is created as an interpretation of the senses such as sound and touch, informed by the texture in nature for example, water. Underpinning all of these elements is the exploration of themes evident in all my work, and that is, the over-exploitation of natural resources such as the sea, lakes and rivers, and the earth and its vegetation. This work references the 'illusion' we, as a race, have of a well-resourced planet; so the intention was to create the illusion using movement and depth in my work such as would be observed in the motion of water, or textures of nature and the everyday.

These tile paintings are filled with lines sourced through mathematics and numerical patterns. From textiles and nature they are used to create a number of visual effects and to suggest movement and patterning

Recent work
  • untitled, 2008
  • porcelainous stoneware twice fired, lino prints, honey coloured oxides, colourants
  • Photo: Courtesy of the Artist
  • untitled, 2008
  • porcelainous stoneware twice fired, lino prints, honey coloured oxides, colourants
  • Photo: Courtesy of the Artist
  • untitled, 2008
  • poreclainous stoneware twice fired, lino prints, honey coloured oxides, colourants
  • Photo: Courtesy of the Artist
Flight paths
  • Flight paths, 2006
  • and-dyed muslin, with woven muslin and silk overlay ribbon
  • Dimensions: 2.5m x 130 cm
  • Photo: Joy McDonald

Front Hawthorn (detail)
  • Front Hawthorn (detail), 2006
  • Hand-dyed muslin, paper and recycled plastic bags
  • Dimensions: 220cm x 67cm
  • Photo: Richard Ryan
  • Catch, 2006
  • Moulded paper and textile fish, graphite and synthetic mesh
  • Dimensions: Variable
  • Photo: Creative Image Photography

After graduating as a school teacher in the late 1960s, Joy McDonald decided to leave behind her ESL teaching and began a career in the arts in the theatre as an actor & puppeteer in Sydney. During this time and the ensuing years she took time out to study Fine Arts at Sydney University before moving to Adelaide and then the north NSW coast some years later.

Here she attained a TAFE certificate in studio ceramics and painting and began exhibiting (between puppet shows and teaching). This encouraged her to further her studies in the ACT and in 1997 graduated from the Australian National University School of Art with a degree in Arts Visual as the recipient of the Lyall T. Cullen Memorial prize in 1997.

In 2001 she was awarded the Export Craft ACT Canberra Souvenir Prize.

Since 1998 Joy has been a regular exhibiter as a professional artist in ceramics, painting and other media overseas, interstate and locally and her work may be found in several local private collections including the Canberra Museum and Gallery and the Italo-Australian Club.

Selected exhibitions
2006:   Backyard, CSIRO Discovery Centre - Canberra
2006:   2 Materials, Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre - Canberra
2006:   Recent paintings, Snedden Hall & Gallop - Canberra
2005:   29th Alice Craft Acquisition, Araluen Gallery - Alice Springs, NT
2004:   Permanent Visions 2, Canberra Museum & Gallery Permanent Collection Exhibition - Canberra
2004:   Oneira, Canberra Museum &Gallery - Canberra
2004:   Papaver Rhoeas, Street Theatre - Canberra
2003:   Unsung Heroes, Made from Australia Galleries - Canberra
2003:   Drawing the thin red line, Belconnen Community Arts Centre Gallery - Canberra
2003:   Drawing the thin redl line, Defence Force Academy - Canberra
2002:   Spirit of Us, Hellenic Club - Canberra
2001:   Canberra Art Prize, Italo-Australian Club - Canberra
2000:   Artonomy, Canberra Museum and Gallery - Canberra
2000:   Diaspora, Spiral Arm Gallery - Canberra
2000:   Diaspora, Kentro Parousiasion - Athens,
2000:   Millennium Platter, Ceramic Art Gallery - Sydney
Selected commissions/awards/grants
2003:   Minter Ellison ACT
2002:   Set and costume design, About Face Theatre Canberra
2001:   Export Craft ACT, Inaugural Canberra Souvenir Prize
2000:   A Bunch of Posers, Character performance, Australian War Memorial Canberra
Selected publications
2004:   Friends, National Museum of Aust p12 V15/2
2004:   Friends, National Museum of Australia pp 26-29 V15/3
2004:   Museums Australia Nov.2004 pp.14-15


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